Neglected Poodle Gets A New Look And A New Home

A frightened poodle was rescued from a terrible neglect situation. The poor dog’s fur was matted and she didn’t trust people. It is uncertain what the poor dog had endured so far, but she was finally safe.

Autumn was surrendered to Needy Paws Rescue in need of some serious TLC. After a few gentle people spent some time with Autumn, she started to come around. She was immediately treated to a doggie spa day that alleviated her of all her matted fur. A couple hours later, she emerged looking beautiful and happy.

Photo: Needy Paws Rescue
Photo: Needy Paws Rescue

The sweet dog’s life was about to change forever. Someone recently submitted an application to the rescue in search of a Standard Poodle. A meeting was scheduled and it was love at first sight. The woman renamed Autumn to Harlow. Harlow’s days are now spent surrounded in love and full of belly scratches.

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Thanks to money saved from donated food from’s Rescue Bank program, Needy Paws Rescue can shift funds to provide medical care to injured and sick animals. “Without’s Rescue Bank, we would not be able to receive donated food and supplies that reduce our overhead costs and help us continue to use our monetary donations directly for the rescue dogs.”

Photo: Needy Paws Rescue
Photo: Needy Paws Rescue

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