Bow-Legged Goat Is More Than Just Cool, He’s COWBOY Cool

There are many levels of cool one can achieve, but COWBOY cool? Now, that’s a high honor!


This adorable goat, named Auggie, was born with bowed legs. His appearance and fierce strength earned him the nickname “Cowboy.” His bent legs were stressing his shoulder muscles, causing lifelong damage. Since his rescue, he has undergone several surgeries to help correct his legs. He also has a special harness his rescuers made to help strengthen and straighten his leg muscles.

Rescuers at Goats of Anarchy take what they do for animals VERY seriously, and for that we are VERY grateful.

Can you look at Auggie and not crack a smile?! Impossible!

There are many animals out there that need help. Thankfully, rescue organizations like Goats of Anarchy do what it takes to make a difference. And boy, are they doing great!

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