Attractive Shelter Worker Goes Viral And Helps A Dog Get Adopted

They say if you’ve got it then you should flaunt it, and one shelter worker is reluctantly flaunting it in order to help get pets adopted.

The Wichita Falls Animal Services recently posted an adoption photo of one of their dogs, a husky named Sky, when the most incredible thing happened.

The Facebook post started to gain a lot of attention, in part thanks to the good looks of shelter worker, Zackry Majewski.

Photo: Facebook/City of Wichita Falls Animal Services

While people were touched by the cuteness of the little husky, it was the hunky shelter worker that really caught their eye. In fact, Majewski – who isn’t personally on Facebook – was surprised to learn that the photo featuring him and Sky had gone viral on their page.

So far, the post has received over 15K shares along with more than 28K comments.

Photo: Facebook/City of Wichita Falls Animal Services

All the attention drummed up by the post has resulted in a lot of attention from people looking to adopt Sky, as well as other animals from the shelter. Witchita Fall Animal Services couldn’t be happier with the results.

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According to NEWS CHANNEL 6, Majewski admitted that while he doesn’t fancy himself a model, he is more than happy to continue modeling with the shelter’s adoptable animals if it means finding them forever homes. He shared on his Instagram that he did start to model more dogs, and included another photo of himself with an adorable pup.

Photo: Instagram/zmajewski

The young man stated, “A lot of people want me to, and it’s just not something I like to do but, if it helps animals get adopted, then I will. It got Sky adopted in like an hour yesterday, and we had over a hundred calls on her so, it was pretty great.”

It makes us so happy that he’s using his good looks to help animals find homes. That is so sweet.

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