Attention American Cat Lovers Cat Cafe Coming Soon!

Cat on a sofa with white cupFor all you coffee and tea drinking cat lovers, the day you have been waiting for is coming near. The idea of having to jet to Japan, Paris, London, or Spain are no longer mere dreams, because what once was an international novelty, will become an American reality, U.S. based Cat Cafes!

Taking a cue from the international craze where you can enjoy a cup o’ joe in the company of a furry feline friend, Northern California, in particular San Francisco and Oakland, are finalizing their plans to see who’ll be the first to open the first U.S. Cat Café.

In a race to the Bay Area finish, San Francisco based cat café, KitTea hopes they can create a venue that is “part ‘gourmet tea house’ and part ‘cat and human oasis,’” said founders Courtney Hatt and David Bragniksy to SFist.

As for Oakland’s Cat Town Café they are hoping to have a number of regular adoptable cats who’d live in the café, giving people the ability to play with them and hopefully help them find loving homes.

“Our mission is to get the cats adopted,” Adam Myatt, co-founder of Cat Town Café told The Daily Californian. “The more attention we can get the cats, the better. The cafe is sort of a fun, kitschy way to bring awareness to this problem [of homeless cats].”

The number of homeless animals in the Bay Area is still growing despite the city’s efforts to find as many of these animals loving homes. In 2011, the City & County of San Francisco Animal Care and Control (SF/ACC), took in about 3,250 cats, 85% of them were released, reunited with their owners, or adopted but the remainder were still euthanized.

“Our progress over the years is due in significant part to an extremely devoted staff and the ongoing support of our welfare nonprofit partners that improve our success rate by finding suitable temporary and/or permanent homes for every pet possible,” explains SF/ACC.

But with the help of Cat Town Café and KitTea,there is only hope that the number of feral and homeless cats in the Bay Area will diminish as the cat presence in cafes will increase the awareness for the need of loving homes for our feline friends.

Both cafes are still in the process of closing in on space, but in the meantime KitTea has their eye on a 1,600-square-foot space with room enough for a few dozen cats and cat admirers, while Cat Town Café’s Myatt, is headed to Japan to get some first hand experience on how to successfully run a puuurfect cat café.

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