Dogs & Cats At Texas Shelter Are Sleeping Soundly On Soft Blankets And Enjoying Tasty Treats, Thanks To Your Support

Athens Animal Rescue Shelter in Athens, Texas, is currently caring for more than 190 animals and are in desperate need of supplies and adopters.

Thanks to your generous donations, Greater Good Charities’ GOODS program was able to send much-needed blankets, toys, treats, and much more for both dogs and cats.

The shelter wasted no time in putting the donated goods to use. The blankets were placed in the kennels to keep the pets warm at night and the toys were distributed to the eager pets.

Photo: Athens Animal Rescue Shelter

“The toys donated have greatly boosted enrichment activities and play time for both the cats and dogs in our shelter. In addition, the warm cuddle blankets have been a great help as well,” shared the shelter.

Paw-sitive Impact

Some of the soft blankets and lickable treats were even put to use during an emergency C-section and to comfort Mama named Jessie and her pups.

“She was in very poor health and heartworm positive as most stray animals are when they come into our care. Jessie quickly stole a place in our staff’s hearts as we comforted her in her last stages of pregnancy. On 10/6 our sweet Jessie went into labor at 3:47am. As her first two pups came out successfully naturally she then ran into complications which required an emergency C-Section. As Jessie underwent surgery, we were fortunate to have blankets donated by Greater Good that we knew were clean and sanitary and were able to use these as an attempted swaddle for the two newborn pups as their mom underwent surgery,” stated her caretakers.

Photo: Athens Animal Rescue Shelter

They went on to say, “Everything was successful for Jessie, but she needed to be medicated post-surgery. Jessie is very picky when it comes to what she eats, but the donated peanut butter flavored café nara lickable treats have been a huge success in administering Jessie’s post op-medicine! All 6 of Jessie’s puppies and momma herself are doing very well and we are very excited to see them grow up with us and find their forever homes.”

Purr-fect Timing

The shelter told us that most donations are for dogs and that cats are often overlooked – but we made sure to spoil them as well.

Photo: Athens Animal Rescue Shelter

“In the life of an animal shelter dogs are typically thought of as the primary inhabitants. When it comes to donations for the public, most of the donations that are received at the Athens Animal Rescue Shelter are for the welfare and comfort of dogs. Unfortunately, cats are not always thought of as a priority. When it came to the donations from the Great Good Charity Grant that was not the case! Our success story here is for the entirety of our cat room at Athens Animal Rescue Shelter! Cat enrichment activities skyrocketed as toys were handed out to all our cats and kittens and the joy was abundant!”

The good news kept on coming. “Cats of all ages had a field day playing with the new toys donated. Some of our cats that had yet to come out of their shell and show their personality began playing and throwing toys around in their kennels. They also thoroughly enjoyed their first time getting treats out of the café nara pouches. The cardboard cat carriers have been put to great use as well and have helped Athens Animal Rescue Shelter does not have to send out our own carriers hoping to get them returned from adopters as we can send all of our adopted cats home in their own cardboard carrier!”

Photo: Athens Animal Rescue Shelter

Animal shelters nationwide are struggling to find adopters as more animals arrive daily. Please consider helping out by adopting, fostering, or volunteering.

Every little bit helps. Join us in sending care packages to shelter dogs and cats and give them some comfort while they wait for a forever home.

Together we CAN change the world.

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