Atchoum, New Social Media Sensation, Is What Exactly?

This new social media celebrity animal, named Atchoum, has people scratching their heads and smiling big time! Because he’s super adorable AND because he resembles so many things! Is he an Ewok? Hmmm. How ’bout a Lorax? A mini werewolf? Noooo, silly people, he’s a cat! A Persian cat with a rare disorder that makes him absolutely PURRFECT!

Atchoum has a genetic mutation called hypertrichosis, also known as the werewolf gene. It gives him a very unique look. His fur grows unusually fast. In fact, he is the first cat to EVER be diagnosed with the werewolf gene. Pretty cool, huh? And we animal lovers embrace differences of all kinds, right? Doesn’t his furriness make you want to hug him even more? ME TOO!

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To learn more about Atchoum, check him out on Instagram, @atchoumfan. He has 171,000 followers for good reason. And with over 1000 posts, you will definitely get your cute fix in.

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