They Worked For Over Three Hours To Remove Tar That Covered Her Body. See This Amazing Dog Now!

Dog rescues are always inspiring. We salute all of the animal heroes out there that do what they do day in and day out, just because they love animals. This rescue, however, gave me chills!

Asha, which means Hope in Hindi, crawled into a tar drum. Little did she know, she would get stuck and suffer burns all over her body. But her angels found her and worked tirelessly for over three hours, using vegetable oil, to get the tar off of her body. Can you imagine how scared she was?

Look at all those healing hands! All the animal heroes work together to help poor Asha.


Asha is given a much needed water break. Poor thing, she was so thirsty!


After hard work and a lot of healing. Look at Asha now! She has a twinkle in her eye. It must be because she knows she’s one of the lucky ones!


Watch Asha’s whole rescue unfold below, in this amazing, and inspiring video:

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