Neglected Husky Learns To Love Life After Being Rescued From An Alley

Ash was living in an alley between two buildings, completely neglected for over a year. After Sidewalk Specials stepped in, he got a new chance at life and really came out of his shell!

It all started when some concerned neighbors called Sidewalk Specials regarding a dog who’d been living in an alley for over a year.

The husky had nowhere to escape the weather and seemed to be suffering immensely.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Thankfully, rescuers were able to confiscate the husky, who was named Ash, and take him to a veterinarian for care.

Once at the vet, he was diagnosed with malnutrition and tick-bite fever. He was so skinny, his ribs were clearly visible through his fur and he seemed terrified of everything.

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They were able to get Ash the treatment he needed he needed and sent him to a foster home to recover from his life in the alley.

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

While it took some time, Ash slowly started to gain weight and take an interest in playing and having fun. Thanks to his loving foster home, Ash really came out of his shell and his goofy personality began to shine through.

It wasn’t long before Ash was fully ready to find his forever home. The rescue shared on Facebook that Ash is “loving his freedom and is ready for his forever human!”

They described him as being “The most stunning natured 1 year old!” and noted that he was “great with dogs & cats and loves humans big and small!” Considering his rough start in life, it’s amazing what a transformation he made.

One lucky couple heard about Ash’s story and knew he was the perfect fit for their family. They adopted Ash and he fit right into their family, getting along great with their other dogs – his new brothers.

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

It’s incredible what a little love and a lot of persistence can do for an animal.

Watch the rescue video below:

You can learn more about Sidewalk Specials and their work on their website here.

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