We know how amazing pets are, but not all of them are Superheroes!

Heroic animals are a staple of popular culture, from Rin Tin Tin and Lassie, to Scooby Doo and Air Bud, we’ve watched animals save the day in myriad situations, protecting us from disaster, tragedy, and old men dressed as ghosts. Despite these reminders, we can often forget what inspired the idea of heroic animals. In fact, the actions of animals on TV and film often pale in comparison to the actions of real animals. We gathered a few of our favorite acts of heroism by dogs and cats around the world. After this, all those “famous” dogs will look like amateurs!

Possibly the greatest gift an animal can give us is simple comfort. “Fur therapy” is absolutely a real thing, and having that affection and love is often the best remedy for anxiety and fear. Nothing is scarier than cancer, especially for a young child. Thankfully, dogs like Swoosh can help bring comfort and support to children in hospitals who are suffering from serious ailments.

Such a simple act is a natural reaction for Swoosh, who loves the attention, but the gifts he brings are incalculable. Just seeing the smiles he brings makes him a hero.

Bear is the very definition of a hero. When his companion, 14-month old Stanley, fell into the family pool, Bear didn’t waste time trying to run for help, there was no time. So Bear dove into the pool and helped keep Stanley’s head above water. If Stanley had dropped down, there is little chance he would have survived.

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Every parents nightmare was prevented by Bear’s brave actions and quick thinking. What an amazing dog!

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