Senior Dog Has A Forever Home After Being Neglected And Rejected Twice

Arthur was an older dog who had a nice home, but his owner passed away.

Unsure where Arthur should go next, it seemed like the perfect solution when the family housekeeper stepped in and said they’d take the dog.

The problem is, she not only didn’t care for Arthur, but she would also abuse him and refused to feed him. Most of the time, he was tied up outside and forgotten.

Photo: Sidewalk Specials

One day, Arthur ran away from the housekeeper’s yard. When he was found, neighbors witnessed as the housekeeper brutally beat him as punishment for running off.

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It’s a sad situation that far too many dogs find themselves in, but Arthur had something special happen. One of the neighbors who’d been witnessing the abuse saw Arthur being beaten and couldn’t take it anymore. They contacted Sidewalk Specials, a dog rescue, who went to the home to investigate.

Photo: Sidewalk Specials

They were able to take him in and treat him for mats, fleas, ticks, and a fever. Once healthy, they began looking for a home where he could live happily ever after.

Photo: Sidewalk Specials

While they initially shared that not a single application was submitted for Arthur, finally someone stepped in and offered the pup a loving home.

Photo: Sidewalk Specials

Not only is Arthur in a forever home, he now has a sister and they are loving life together.

Photo: Sidewalk Specials

It’s amazing to see the before and after of what happened Arthur, and the video shows it all:

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