Thousands Of Animals Have Full Bellies Thanks To You

No animal should have to go hungry.

Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, a Texas based animal sanctuary of The Fund for Animals, spends roughly $1282 a day to feed 1000 rescued animals that call the 1,400 acre ranch home. Many of the animals were found abused, neglected and malnourished. Providing them with nutritious and species appropriate food is of utmost importance.

GreaterGood, devoted to improving the health and well-being of pets, stepped forward and covered an entire month of food for the rescued animals.

Photos: Facebook/Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch

With over 40 different species ranging from horses to tigers to monkeys, a lot of food is required each month to fill all the bellies. In addition, some of the animals are seniors or have medical conditions that require them to be on special diets. Thanks to the generous donation, all the animals are happy and healthy.

Photos: Facebook/Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch

Four severely neglected and malnourished horses recently arrived at the ranch in desperate need of groceries. They were part of a herd of 32 that were seized and re-homed. Chester, Preacher, Senator and Studly, ranging in age from 12 to 18, joined the 250 other horses at the ranch.

Noelle Almrud, director of the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, said, “These four horses are adjusting well to their new life and surroundings at the Ranch. With proper nutrition and plenty of food to eat, they are getting healthier and have put on weight already. We are starting to see their personalities come out as they settle in. Now that they feel safe, they are becoming more confident and curious. These beautiful animals will never suffer again and we will care for them for the rest of their lives.”

Photo: Facebook/Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch

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All Because Of You

You helped make this possible by clicking daily on the purple button on The Animal Rescue Site. Every click donates food to animals in need. Last year, daily clicks raised funding for the value of nearly 33.5 million bowls of food. Funding for the value of another 61.2 million bowls of food was raised through purchases made in The Animal Rescue Site store.

Chester, Preacher, Senator, Studly and millions more thank you for shopping where every purchase gives back and for clicking every day to donate food.

GreaterGood Is There When It Matters

Life is unpredictable and when disaster or hardship strike, GreaterGood is there to help those in need.

  • Over $313,000 was raised to help people and pets affected by devastating hurricanes.
  • Over $221,000 to aid survivors of the California wildfires.
  • Another $55,000 was raised to assist victims of the Indonesia tsunami and Hawaii volcano natural disasters.
  • Over $61,000 was raised to help build tiny homes for veterans and their animal companions, bringing them in out of the cold.
  • Another $22,000 to care for our nation’s active and retired military and police dogs.
  • Over $155,000 to help deployed soldiers rescue roaming and abandoned dogs.

Rescue Bank, a signature program of GreaterGood, provides donated pet food to shelters and rescues in need. The program works with smaller, less-visible non-profits that have limited access to resources and provides them with donated food. In return, they can use the saved money towards medical bills and spay/neuter.

The GreaterGood family filled the bellies of millions of homeless animals, but we did not stop there. We worked with Flights To Freedom to fly shelter dogs and cats to loving families. Each month a flight is filled with shelter dogs and cats from overcrowded shelters. 7,177 adoptable pets (5,419 dogs, 1,756 cats and 2 pot-bellied pigs) were rescued from the threat of euthanasia by flying them from overcrowded shelters to states where they can find their forever homes.

Photos: Wings Of Rescue

None of this would have been possible without generous and loyal people like you. Together we are making sure that all shelter and rescued animals have full bellies. Let’s make 2019 even better for animals. Tell your friends and family to shop where every purchase gives back to rescued animals. Don’t forget to click daily to provide food for the hungry animals.

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