Pig Learns To Unplug The Loud Vacuum

Arnold the mini pig leads a charmed life! As one of four piglets living with Lisa Roedel in beautiful Colorado, he delights not only his family but more than 50,000 followers on Instagram and 500,000 on TikTok.

He loves playing around with his best friends, Pearl, Ruby, and Ollie!

But taking care of a pig, even a mini pig, isn’t all fun and games. They can grow up to 150 pounds and have comparable life spans to dogs, as well as unique needs to make sure they’re happy and healthy in a home setting.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Not only that, they can be quite mischievous and stubborn, as a video recently posted to their @poshlittleoinklets Instagram page showed.

Whenever Roedel vacuums the home, Arnold makes a beeline for the cord. He’s figured out how to get that loud, annoying noise to stop!

With one little yank, the cord flies from the outlet, and peace is restored, at least in Arnold’s world. I can’t blame him, it’s my least favorite chore too!


“As a kid I always wanted a pet pig,” Roedel wrote on Instagram. “I used to watch reruns of the 1960s show Green Acres and I wanted to be the main character Lisa and live on a farm with a pig SO BAD.”

Her dream has come true — Arnold is even named after Arnold Ziffel, the pig from Green Acres. And with his lovably impish and cuddly personality, it looks like he’ll always find a way to brighten her day.

Keep up with Arnold and his friends over on TikTok or Instagram!

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