This Giant Stray Dog Refused Help, So She Sat With Him For Hours To Gain His Trust

A big stray dog was spotted at a gas station on a highway near Athens, Greece. The dog was very calm and silent, but was in bad shape. He was extremely malnourished, wounded, and had a skin disease that made him scratch constantly.

A volunteer from SCARS (Second Chance Animal Rescue Society) fell in love with the big pup and promised him that she’d be back. She came back with other volunteers and tried to get ahold of the dog, but he refused to let them help him. He was calm, yet scared and wasn’t sure what their intentions were.

The rest of the volunteers left while the one woman sat with him by herself, trying to gain his trust. About an hour later, she finally managed to catch him.

They rushed him to the clinic and named him Arnie. There, he was treated for his wounds. His rescuer helped him gain back his trust in people, and now he’s like a whole new dog! Wait until you see him now!

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