Watch: Clever Shelter Dog Escapes Kennel And Tries To Free His Friends, But Then Police Arrive

There are some dog breeds that love a challenge and are great at figuring out puzzles, including how to escape their kennel.

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue in Tempe, Arizona, shared a video that has gone viral of a “naughty” yet clever shelter dog escaping from his kennel in the middle of the night.

Screenshot: YouTube/Lost Our Home Pet Rescue

The escapade took place between around 2am and was captured on the shelter’s security cameras. The footage was posted on the shelter’s Facebook page for everyone to enjoy.

Screenshot: YouTube/Lost Our Home Pet Rescue

The husky named King discovered he could jump up and use his paws to open doors and went on an adventure. He started by heading to the kennels of his friends and trying to free them – but was unsuccessful. He proceeded to the office by opening yet another door and began to root around for tasty treats.

Screenshot: YouTube/Lost Our Home Pet Rescue

What King didn’t know was that his “late night party” set off an alarm and alerted Tempe Police Department. According to the rescue, local police have access to the shelter in case they need to drop off a pet after hours, or to recapture a loose dog.

When a police officer arrived, the happy fella jumped for joy (literally) before being corralled back into his kennel.

Screenshot: YouTube/Lost Our Home Pet Rescue

The kind policeman returned to the office and cleaned up the mess the dog made before heading out. The shelter said, “The Tempe Police Department is called to the scene for what can only be described as the cutest arrest ever! This dog had some amazing skills! And one of the coolest police officers ever that went above and beyond the call of duty cleaning up the mess the dog made.”

The police department also shared the incident with their followers and posted, “What a night for both of them!”

Check out what they thought King was thinking in the video below.

King’s adventure has made the day of the tens of thousands of people who have viewed it. One fellow husky owner was not surprised by the act and wrote, “I have four huskies and none of this surprises me, lol. The shenanigans those derps get into!”

Many commented that the officer should adopt King, but the shelter shared that the handsome escape artist has been adopted. However, there is another husky by the name of Balto who would love to go to an active home and is sure to entertain you with his wild antics.

Learn more about him and find more adoptable pets here.

The rescue has taken a unique approach to helping families struggling to care for their pets. The non-profit offers a temporary care program for families in crisis that need a safe place for their pets while they get back on their feet. Learn more about them on their website.

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