Stray Puppy With Cactus Spines Stuck In His Body Gets A Second Chance At Life

Puppies are adorable little creatures. But they can also be a handful – mainly because they have an unbounded sense of curiosity.

Everyone should strive to look at the world in the same way that puppies do. Puppies are enamored with the world and always seem to be up for an adventure. They like to discover new things and explore all the sights and sounds around them.

Unfortunately, this curiosity – while admirable – can also get them into trouble, and the trouble isn’t always an easy fix.

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Sometimes the trouble can require some assistance. One puppy found out the hard way the dangers of cactus spines.

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The little 5-month-old Chihuahua pup was found by the Arizona Humane Society wandering around the streets when he was rescued. But it was lucky for the puppy that he was found by the AHS since he was rescued in a pretty sorry state.

His little body was simply covered in spikes from the cholla cactus. Fortunately, it wasn’t an injury that couldn’t be fixed, and he was nursed back to health by the AHS.

As they shared in a Facebook post about the pup, “An adorable 5-month-old Chihuahua puppy, affectionately named Cholla Charlie, was found covered in cactus from head to toe and clearly in quite a bit of pain from his prickly predicament.”

Eventually, the AHS vets were able to get all the cactus spines removed from the little puppy’s mouth, paws, and ears. He was kept under observation for a little while – just a few days – in order to make sure that he wasn’t suffering from any other ailments.

Once it was clear that he was healthy, he was sent to an AHS Foster Hero home.

There, the little pup was observed to make sure that all the spines were out and that none were missed, as such cactus spines can cause problems like infections if they are left in the skin.

Puppy covered in cactus makes an incredible transformation, just in time to celebrate #TransformationTuesday! An…

Posted by Arizona Humane Society on Tuesday, August 17, 2021

The puppy’s rescue happened in July of 2021. While he was in the care of the AHS, he was given the name of Cholla Charlie and was put up for adoption while in foster care.

Naturally, given how cute he is, it didn’t take long for someone to want to adopt him. We’re so happy that Cholla Charlie now has a chance to live his best life – hopefully cactus-free!

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