Arizona Man Returns Home To Find Bobcat Inside Relaxing On Dog Bed

An Arizona homeowner was shocked to return home from work one day to find a bobcat in his home, relaxing on the dog’s bed.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department in Tucson posted photos of the bobcat on Twitter. They explained, “The homeowner, who found it upon returning from work, suspects it entered through an unlocked doggie door.”

Naturally, the homeowner, Nikola Zovko, called a wildlife officer for help, but the giant feline escaped the home before an officer could arrive.

Fish & Game ended the post with a reminder to never handle entrapped or hurt wildlife yourself, as it can dangerous to both you and the animal.

Sadly, a day after the bobcat was found in the home, the dog to whom the bed belonged was found severely injured.

Zovko started a GoFundMe for the little chihuahua named Squeakers, along with an Instagram page where he could share updates about the dog’s progress and life.

While the tiny pup survived his encounter with the bobcat, he didn’t walk away unscathed. The pup had to undergo surgery and received several stitches.

While the pooch has a long road to recovery ahead, Zovko was pleased to share an update on Instagram that little Squeakers is wagging his tails these days and seems to be in better spirits.

He’s been able to relax at home and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air as well.

You can keep up with Squeakers on Instagram, @squeakers2023.

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