Arianna Grande Is Opening An Animal Rescue Center

Everyone knows that Ariana Grande has a soft spot in her heart for animals. The singer has even stated in the past that she sometimes even prefers pets to people – a sentiment that I can definitely empathize with.

Ariana is also a proud dog mom to 10 rescues, and she isn’t stopping there. She’s using her position of influence in order to do something to help benefit animals in need.

On Wednesday, Ariana took to Twitter to announce her latest passion project: opening an animal rescue center. Her rescue will be called Orange Twins Rescue, and she was proud to announce that its site would be coming soon. She encouraged her followers to show her animal rescue a little love by following them on Instagram for more details.

Even though she has made the announcement, the star has been a bit tight-lipped in providing additional details about the rescue. But according to the Orange Twins Rescue website, it will be a nonprofit that is based out of Los Angeles.

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Their Instagram page has been active for almost a year, since December 2019, and it has been posting about donation drives for shelter animals and cats and dogs who are up for adoption. There will also be opportunities to foster or adopt through the Orange Twins Rescue, but there will be more information on that to come.

In the meantime, check out her official announcement of the rescue launch below:

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