Vet Said Kitten Born With Spina Bifida Wouldn’t Live A Normal Life. Until, Foster Mom Stepped In

Dimple’s mother, Aria gave birth to five tiny kittens. Four of the kittens were born healthy and normal, but the Dimples was born a little different.

At 4 weeks old, their foster owner, Lauren France took them all in for a checkup, and discovered that Dimples has Hydrocephalus and a mild case of Spina Bifida.

Hydrocephalus is when someone is born with water on their brain, and Spina Bifida is a condition where someone’s spinal cord is split and fails to develop properly.

Credit: Lauren France
Credit: Lauren France

“The vet said he will slowly build strength and muscle and get better, but he will never fully walk throughout his life,” France told The Dodo. “He may not have a full life a cat should have, but I’m going to make sure he has the best life a cat could ask for.”

As for the other four kittens, they have all been given a clean bill of health and will eventually go to the homes of friends and family once they’re old enough. But Dimples will stay with France and Aria for the rest of his life so Dimples’ needs will always been taken care of.

Credit: Lauren France
Credit: Lauren France

France told the Dodo that Dimples can finally eat with the help of her owner, keeping him balanced until he learns to do that himself.

Although Dimples may not be healthy enough to be put up for adoption, I think he is grateful for France to keep him in a warm and loving, forever home.

Credit: Lauren France
Credit: Lauren France

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