Are Black Dogs Adopted at a Lower Rate?

Are black dogs adopted at a lower rate when compared to other canines? Many animal shelters believe the answer is "yes." The problem lies with Black Dog Syndrome, a phrase coined to describe the misconception that black dogs are mean. This attitude causes people to adopt these animals at a lower rate, according to NBC Nightly News. This results in these canines being euthanized at a higher frequency than other animals. 

Some shelters run special promotions to help black animals get adopted. During November, the Best Friends Animal Society organizes a national Back in Black campaign. Their network of adoption centers and their animal sanctuary, hold drives to showcase black dogs and cats.

According to The Daily Sentinel, the Roice-Hurst Humane Society also participated in the campaign by offering 50 percent off the adopt fee to those who adopted a black pet.

"As a general rule, across the country, we have about 9,000 dogs coming into shelters every year that do not get adopted and a big majority of those are black," Judy Bowes, general manager at Roice-Hurst, told The Daily Sentinel.

Another group called Start Seeing Black Dogs, offers free public relations and marketing tools to shelters and rescue centers. Their goal is to help the organizations shine a positive light on the black animals they have up for adoption.

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