Woman Falls In Love With A Kitten With Feline Leukemia Then Asks Her Family To Give The Kitten A Chance

As a parent, I understand the need to teach our children life lessons but at the same time we want to shelter them from the things that will hurt them most. It’s a delicate balance that we try to perfect as our children age. It isn’t easy at all!

This great family wanted to adopt a kitten, so they went to their local shelter. Mom took the lead and saw a small room in the back. There was a beautiful, sweet kitten sitting inside, almost like she was waiting for her. She asked the shelter volunteers about this little room and why she was separated from the others. It was then that Mom learned that the kitten, named Apple, has feline leukemia.


Feline Leukemia, also knowns as FeLV, is a disease that impairs a cat’s immune system, making them prone to certain cancers. It is transmitted from cat to cat through close contact, like grooming each other, sharing food and water bowls, and bites. There are many symptoms that must be managed, including anemia, weight loss, lethargy, diarrhea, and eventually specific cancers. Roughly 50% of FeLV positive cats will succumb to related diseases within two to three years after infection.


Adopting a cat that is FeLV positive is a big undertaking but for this special mother, and her family, it was love at first sight. To shelter her kids from the reality of Apple’s disease would have cost them precious time they could enjoy with her. Did it make sense to deprive Apple of a home? Or to deprive her kids of a wonderful pet? She felt the same way and brought Apple home immediately!


The family is enjoying every minute with this special kitten! I really love this story and you will too!

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