This Dog Lost His Nose Due To Abuse, But Now He Is Safe And Slowly Learning To Trust Again

This dog, named Apollo, lost his nose due to someone abusing and hurting him. But despite all that he’s been through, he still wags his tail and is a very happy pup.

Now he has a new mom and dad who love him so much and are helping him learn to trust humans again. He also has other dog siblings who he gets along well with and plays with. They help comfort him and keep him company.

I can’t even imagine what Apollo has gone through, but thankfully he never has to worry about going through anything traumatizing ever again. No one will ever lay a hand on him unless it’s to hug him and shower him with love and affection! He is now safe, and it definitly shows by the big smile that he wears on his face every day! Watch him in the video below:

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