Viral Video Shows Chihuahua LOVING Lint Roll

Some dogs love bones, some love naps, others love running around in circles.

This little Chihuahua just wants to be lint rolled.

Ao’s human captured the 6-year-old Chihuahua falling asleep to being gently brushed. The internet is ever so grateful her owner posted it to Instagram. It has been seen close to 2 million times at this point, and brought attention to Ao’s eqqually adorable sibling, 3-year-old Mono.

It’s evident from her other videos that Ao lives a life of leisure, frolicking around with her canine companion. Mono is quite impressive himself.

He may even have a chance on the local basketball squad.

But Ao’s tongue is the talk ot the town. This little dog is really on to something! While being primped and preened, Ao practically falls asleep in mid m’lem. It’s quite a sight to see.

And the height of luxury.

Here’s hoping that Ao tan gets the brushes she craves every night.

Watch the video below and see what we mean.

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