This Cockatoo Was So Anxious She Tore Out Her Own Feathers! But These Rescuers Were Determined To Get Her Better

Imagine how sad and anxious you would have to be to do something like this to yourself! Yea, I know. It’s horrible. But this is a typical reaction to a stressed out bird. Sadly, this is how many birds in captivity express their unhappiness and anxiety.

Jackie, a 22 year old Moluccan cockatoo has had problems with self mutilation and plucking for years. It got (way!) worse when her human passed away. Luckily, she was surrendered to the Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon where she was immediately given LOTS of attention. Even when Jackie was in pain, she LOVED to be pet. Watch how she responds to a gentle touch! She certainly isn’t camera shy!

Her new foster family is doing all they can to retrain Jackie and teach her how to enjoy life and not hurt herself. She now has a soft, comfy collar that helps deter her from plucking. She also has a little sweater she wears to keep her warm! HOW CUTE! Jackie is getting better and better every single day!

When you see an animal this stressed out, it’s a good indication that they are suffering and need medical attention. They may also need something changed in their environment, their vet will be able to tell you more. Animals depend on us for all their basic needs. Remember that!

To keep up on Jackie’s progress or to help with her expenses, check out her Go Fund Me page:

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