Animal Photographer Honors Sochi’s Strays

Sochi’s stray dog population captured worldwide attention during the 2014 Winter Olympics when athletes and reporters speculated that dogs were being euthanized en mass to clean up the streets. This March, ten lucky Sochi pups arrived in DC where animal photographer Seth Casteel was waiting to give them the royal treatment.

Casteel heads up the One Picture Saves a Life program, which works to improve shelter pets’ chances at adoption by enabling shelter staff and volunteers to successfully groom and photograph their animals.

Thanks to the efforts of Olympic silver medalist Gus Kenworthy, many of the Sochi strays had homes lined up prior to their arrived in the States. But before they left the shelter, Casteel wanted to give a fresh face to these spirited canines. Check out his amazing portraits!

Archi Belka Bosh Bulka Glasha Jimmy Kuzya Lisa Molly Sera

While these lucky strays got a shot at a new life, thousands didn’t. Do your part to help the strays and sign the petition demanding that the International Olympic Committee ban the inhumane treatment of animals! Click here to sign.

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