10 Animal Movies Guaranteed To Make You Cry!

Stories are the most powerful force around. They educate us, scare us, empathize with us, and criticize us. A great movie sticks with you for years, even decades, and they can form how you view the world at a young age. And, more often than most of us will admit, they bring us to tears. Films staring animals are often the most effective at winding up our tear ducts. Strangely enough, those are also the films that bring us the most joy, and end up being the most inspirational. We compiled a list of 10 great movies staring animals (in no particular order) that are guaranteed to put a dent in your tissue supply.

Read on if you can handle it!

10. Secret of Nimh

Based off of the children's book “Mrs. Frisbee and the Rats Of Nimh,” the 1982 film follows the journey of widowed Mrs. Frisbee and her quest to save her dying son. The topics are heavy, and the specter of death is more prevalent than in most films, but there are few films better at sparking a conversation about death and loss with your children. Powerful, beautiful, and moving, this one is a must watch.


9. Babe

Babe is a classic, a stand out film that has left an indelible mark on everyone that has seen it. The phrase “that'll do pig” can still tug at the heart strings.

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