8 Creative Ways to Work Out With Your Pet


Lots of animal owners think of walking their pets as a chore, just like making the bed. But why not use it as an opportunity to squeeze in a workout? Not only will it keep both of you in shape, but it's also a chance for quality bonding time.

Read on for some creative ways to sweat it out with your furry friend, whether you can make it outdoors or not.

Interval Walking

If you don't have time for extended walks or runs, consider doing interval training to raise your heart rates in less time. Alternate between 1 minute of walking and 30 seconds of jogging, shuffling sideways, or running backward. Just 30 minutes will give you a decent cardio workout.

Side Shuffles

Holding the leash so your dog moves with you, squat low with your arms extended and perform a side shuffle across your yard or workout area. Shuffle back to your starting position facing the same direction, and repeat. This type of lateral movement will keep your dog engaged, and her energy might even push you to go faster!

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