Those Who Like Animals and Food Will Be Sure to Love These 5 Gifts!

There are two things that prove the world is not such a bad place after all: animals and food (do not even try to argue; this is a FACT, people). But there are some who appreciate these finer things in life more than others. We call them “animal-lovers” and “foodies.” But what do you give your friend, relative, or significant other this season if they belong in both categories? Can you combine these special interests?

Oh, yes. Yes, you can. And we're here to help give you some ideas.

1. Animal-Themed Baked Goods

Lemon poundcake muffins
Lemon poundcake muffins

While there are plenty of foodies who love cooking, some of them just prefer to eat. And there is no shame in that. Many of us love using the internet but would get dizzy at the sight of the complex coding it requires. (That's why I propose a National Hug an Engineer Day.)

Regardless of cooking interests or lack thereof, your favorite foodie/animal-lover will appreciate a plate of animal-themed goodies. Bake up some sugar or gingerbread cookies using an animal-shaped cookie cutter. Or whip up Grandma's signature muffins or cupcakes using a paw print-shaped muffin tin. If you really want to go the extra mile, include the cookie cutters or muffin tin as a bonus gift, so your loved one can make more in the future!

Need a recipe? Check out these super tasty lemon poundcake muffins made in a paw print tin!

2. A Fun T-Shirt That Combines Both Subjects


Yes, they exist. Like this hilarious “I just want to drink wine and pet my dog” t-shirt (because being a foodie often goes hand-in-hand with being a wine connoisseur). For the cat-lover in your life, find the feline equivalent here.

3. Unique Kitchen Tools


Remember how I said a second ago that some foodies prefer not to cook? Well, let's take a look now at foodies that do. Whether your loved one is a chef at a 5-star restaurant or a stay-at-home mom who loves to cook gourmet meals for her family (like my mom!), an animal-themed cooking tool is sure to bring a smile to their face every time they pull it out of the drawer. Like this silicone spatula. And who couldn't use a few measuring spoons and cups? (Unless your loved one is a kitchen ninja and doesn't need the tools of mortals to make a delicious dish. Which happens when you're my mom.)

4. Food That Supports Charitable Causes for Animals

Please remember to never give your pet chocolate or other human treats!

If your loved one doesn't like to cook and neither do you, consider buying a pre-made food that will give back to our furry friends. That could mean flavored popcorn, a fair trade bar of chocolate, cookies, and more. For something or someone extra special, a gift basket could be a foodie's dream come true, and this warm and cozy basket funds 84 bowls of food for animals in need.

5. Animal Stationery


From writing recipes to grocery lists, every animal-loving foodie could use some fun stationery, like a magnetic notepad. Or here's another brilliant idea: buy them a journal so they can write down their recipes and have them in one convenient place. That way, family favorites will be easier to track down (more so than an index card in a box, anyway). Plus, it saves paper when you find a recipe online (ever found a recipe that wasn't printer friendly and ended up printing out page after page? Me, too).

Need more ideas? Find your perfect gift at The Animal Rescue Site Store.

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