Angry Stray Cat Finds A Loving Home After Finally Learning To Trust

One kind woman opened her heart to an angry stray cat and he finally learned to trust – and got a new lease on life.

Anastasia Sutcliff was used to seeing cats outside her Sheffield, England apartment window. One day, though, she saw a cat that wasn’t like the other cats. The tabby seemed angry, afraid, and refused to come near for food or affection. She decided to win his love over and documented the whole process on TikTok.

As she shared on TikTok, the cat would walk up to her window and hiss at her if she tried to offer food or pet him. Because of his attitude, she assumed he must be a stray or neglected cat and wanted that much more to help him.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

Determined to win him over, Anastasia built the cat, who she named Tiger, a warm bed to sleep in under her window and was shocked when she saw him use it! As she shared her journey on social media, she quickly went viral and gained over 1 million followers. People seemed to love Tiger’s feisty attitude and Anastasia’s relentless love and determination to help him.

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Eventually, she was able to get close enough to Tiger to pet him and feed him bits of food. Unfortunately, just as she was winning his trust, a neighbor called animal control to report the homeless cat outside the apartment.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

Rescue workers trapped Tiger and took him to the veterinarian for care. After that, he was put in a foster home where he waited for someone to adopt him. Anastasia was sad, but she trusted that it would be the best thing for him. She was even able to visit him in his foster home!

Realizing he may not find a great forever home given his attitude and past, Anastasia set out to convince her landlord to let her adopt a cat. Her apartment had a strict no-pet policy, but she decided to petition her request anyway. Miraculously, her request was approved! Her landlord made an exception for the no-pet policy and approved her to adopt Tiger!

Watch the adorable rescue video below:

Since being adopted, Tiger has really settled into his life as a house cat. He’s hardly recognizable! Watch the before and after footage below:

Anastasia started Tiger his own Instagram account where she shares photos of his life as a domestic house cat. It’s so different than his life on the streets! Check out some of the pictures of him living his best life:

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Photo: Instagram/
Photo: Instagram/
Photo: Instagram/
Photo: Instagram/
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