This Aussie Heart Throb Is Completely Devoted To Rescuing Dogs

A man from Australia spends ALL of his time saving the one animal he can’t get enough of: Dogs!

Ryan Anderson lives his life to the fullest. His passion is saving dogs and he pretty much spends every waking moment doing so. He works as a full-time animal welfare inspector with the RSPCA. And when he’s not working with the RSPCA, he volunteers his time helping out where he can and even fosters dogs. WOW, this guy is a serious dog lover.

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He’s also pretty easy on the eyes.

Anderson began surrounding himself with dogs with a single goal in mind: to meet as many types of dogs as possible. As Anderson met more and more dogs, the more he realized he wanted to help them by educating the public and spreading awareness about rescue dogs.

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“Initially, I was just out on a personal mission to get a photo with every different dog breed in the world,” Anderson told The Dodo. “However, as it gained more traction, my sidekick Rottweiler, Goose, and I decided to help better educate the general public in regards to responsible pet ownership and promote rescue dogs through social media as the first option for people in the market for a new dog, and thus, ‘Aussie Dog Guy’ was created.”

Anderson’s Instagram account, Aussie Dog Guy, has over 21k followers. His photos and videos detail his adventures as he aims to teach the public about his joys in rescuing dogs. On Instagram, he calls himself a ‘crazy dog lady man’ … well isn’t that the understatement of the year?! LOOK AT HIM! LOL!

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Just when you think this guy can’t get any more perfect, he does! Anderson loves cats too! SWOON! Currently, Anderson has only two permanent pet residents, a dog named Goose and a cat named Krumm. This gives his life, and his home, more room for fosters.

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“The less dogs I own the more I can foster is my motto. My favorite part would definitely be the moment one of your foster dogs finds his forever home. It’s sad to say goodbye, but it opens up a new spot for another foster to join the family,” Anderson told The Dodo.

This doggy hero is capturing hearts with his faithful dedication to all things rescue. He says: “I have a pipe dream to someday have my own rescue organization/farm to help rehome long-term rescue dogs as well as behaviorally challenged dogs.”

And now I have a dream of meeting him!

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Source: The Dodo

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