An Extra Clean Cat, Is A Healthy Cat

FKCatGroomingWe all know our feline friends do a pretty good job maintaining a clean, well-groomed appearance. But just like many of us love a regular day at the spa, treating your cat to a day at the groomers or even a little extra help from you, helps them feel spoiled.

But helping your cat groom has the added benefit as a preventative measure, allowing you to detect possible health issues you may not be aware of.

Pamper your kitty with the following, and learn what benefits come with it:

Soak in the tub: Cats may not be the biggest fans of taking a dip in the pool, but bathing them regularly and brushing them afterwards is a must. By doing this, it will help reduce shedding, tangles, or matted fur. While you’re giving them that good scrub, it will also give you the ability to look out for skin issues, such as dry patches, fleas, or ticks. And as for you or anyone who may be allergic to your feline friend, giving them a good rinse will help reduce allergens that they may leave behind.

Pawdicure: Cat lovers stay clear from declawing their kitties, as their claws are a key part of what makes cats who they are.  A cat’s claw isn’t just like the ends of our fingernails – nerves and blood vessels run through the core, and they are sensitive to tactile stimuli like our fingertips.  Claws help outdoor cats hunt and defend themselves, and send out social signals as to where their territory is. Even though indoor cats don’t need to use their claws for these purposes, they still influence her natural behavior, according to ASPCA.   If your indoor cat has its claws, trimming them regularly and carefully is a good plan for ongoing care.

Keep Those Ears Squeaky Clean: Just as human’s are prone to ear infections and irritations, so are cats. When taking this task into your own hands, stay away from using a cotton-tipped swab as they “can rupture the eardrum as well as pack debris farther down the ear canal versus removing it,” says The

Even though it may seem that your cat’s long days of grooming is more than enough, think again! A second set of eyes on their daily maintenance could save them from health risks in the future!

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