Tearful Man Hands Injured Puppy Over To Medics, Is Overcome With Emotion When She’s Returned

Our pets bond to us, and we bond to them, for so many reasons. Their companionship and loyalty can get us through the roughest times.

A man had to bring his injured puppy to Animal Aid Unlimited to get help after a speeding motorcycle crushed his leg. He had a gaping wound on his leg. The man is very emotional as he tearfully hands him over, placing the pup into good hands. The medical team promises to take good care of him. But still, it’s hard to walk away and go home without his beloved puppy.


The medical team knows that every life is precious and they go to work immediately on the pup’s leg. They decide the wound is so severe, they must amputate. It’s not an easy decision to make but in the end, it is the best thing.

They bring the puppy home the very next day, knowing his human is waiting impatiently for his safe return. When they bring the puppy to the man and show him what had to be done, the man is overcome with emotion. He lifts up his pant leg to show why.


It’s one of the most touching moments I have ever seen. I still have chills! Watch the entire story below. A big thank you to Animal Aid Unlimited for all the hard work they continue to do every single day!

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