Mother Cat And Her Kittens Make Their Home In A Bird’s Nest

If you happen to have a cat in your life, you realize that you never quite know where you will find them.

They seem to be the masters at getting into almost everything, but in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, one feline and her kittens were found in a most unexpected place.

According to a Facebook post by the Cats Protection Charity, a family in Amersham found cats in a bird’s nest.

Photo: Facebook/Chiltern Cats Protection
Photo: Facebook/Chiltern Cats Protection

One of the charity volunteers, Ruth Goller, looked for them for a week before finding them. The rescuers had been alerted to the cats living at the industrial estate, but they never expected to find them in a bird’s nest.

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Where would you look for a cat if you went out to rescue one? More than likely, you would look at any garden or hiding place nearby.

Photo: Facebook/Chiltern Cats Protection
Photo: Facebook/Chiltern Cats Protection

Goller set up a camera to find the feline family and eventually was able to trace them to a tree where she befriended them.

After climbing on some containers, she came across the nest with the mother cat and three kittens.

The male was not far away. They caught the cats, gave them some necessary attention, and then put them with a foster family. It’s nice to see they had a happy ending!

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