All She Needed Was A Set Of Wheels And A Loving Family. Now, NOTHING Can Stop Her!

Almendra was born disabled, but that, of course, wasn’t her fault. Even so, sadly, she was abandoned. Thankfully, a family adopted her and turned her sad story into a REALLY happy one!


Her front legs wouldn’t work because she had no front feet. But now she has a cool set of wheels that can take her anywhere she wants to go and, boy, does she want to go!!! This dog runs like the wind! Nothing can stop Almendra now. She’s so loved and is so happy. How pawsome is that? Run, Almendra, Run!


If you liked Almendra’s story, you’ll enjoy this one too! Jackie, a 22 year old Moluccan cockatoo has had problems with self mutilation and plucking for years. It got (way!) worse when her human passed away. Luckily, she was surrendered to the Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon where she was immediately given LOTS of attention. Even when Jackie was in pain, she LOVED to be pet.

Her new foster family is doing all they can to retrain Jackie and teach her how to enjoy life and not hurt herself. She now has a soft, comfy collar that helps deter her from plucking. She also has a little sweater she wears to keep her warm! HOW CUTE! Jackie is getting better and better every single day!

Meet Almendra!

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