Meet Alice: Rescue Puppy Who Was Almost Euthanized Because Of A Broken Leg

It is National Feed A Rescue Pet Week. Join us in our mission to feed shelter pets across the country. Animal shelters and rescues are in desperate need of nutritious pet food and supplies, especially after COVID-19 caused donations to decrease and pet surrenders to increase. Our goal is to provide 2.4 million meals and 150,000 pounds of critical supplies, but we need your help!

Meet our spokesdog for this year’s National Rescue Pet Week: Alice, an exuberant terrier mix puppy, who is recovering from a broken leg that almost cost her her life.

Photo: Houston Humane Society

Alice arrived at Houston Humane Society at the end of June when her owner noticed something was wrong with her leg. She didn’t have the funds or resources to cover the cost of vet care, so she asked for the 11-month-old puppy to be euthanized.

However, the staff gave Alice a second chance by rescuing her instead of putting her down. The shelter vet examined the sweet pup and found that she had a broken right tibia. Her leg was put in a cast to heal and she is on the road to recovery.

The shelter was able to save Alice due in part to the money saved from the generous food donation to the rescue from’s Rescue Bank program and The Animal Rescue Site.

Photo: Houston Humane Society

Alice loves to play and everyone she meets. While it’s hard to keep the energetic puppy still, she happily rolls on her back for belly rubs. The staff and volunteers are showering her with love and stuffed toys to keep her busy.

Photo: Houston Humane Society

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After she has fully recovered, she will be put up for adoption. The staff is hopeful that the cast will heal the fracture, but worst case scenario the leg will be amputated. Either way, they know the happy-go-lucky girl will live a full life.

Her perfect home would have a fenced in backyard and another dog to play with. If you are interested in adopting Alice, you can contact Houston Humane Society.

Dreaming of a forever home…
Photo: Houston Humane Society

We are proud to announce that together with your help, Rescue Bank delivered their 4,000th truck filled with pet food and supplies to Houston Humane Society, giving Alice and countless other shelter pets a second chance.

Rescue Bank is the world’s largest pet food distribution network. The goal is to donate pet food to shelters, rescues and sanctuaries to help feed the animals until they find forever homes. Pet food is the number one expense for rescues, usually taking their entire budget. This leaves little or nothing for vet care and treatment. Rescue Bank steps up to help by sending donated food and supplies to rescues in need. The money a rescue or shelter saves on buying food can then be used for vet care, vaccinations, adoptions and much more.

Photo: Houston Humane Society

Help feed shelter pets by purchasing Nourishment Packs or by donating to help us reach our goal of 2.4 million meals for homeless dogs and cats and 150,000 pounds of critical supplies such as bowls, leashes, crates, and more. Together, we can make sure that no shelter pet goes hungry.

Check out Alice and her vibrant personality in the video below.

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