Meet Albertino Pupperino! A Rescued Dog That Is Rescuing Others With His Pure Puppy Heart!

When this precious dog was rescued, no one was sure if he would make it or not. Albertino Pupperino (BEST NAME EVER!) was born with several birth defects, including an incomplete bilateral cleft lip and a cleft palate. He couldn’t eat properly and needed around the clock care and a feeding tube. His problems stem from backyard breeding and he will have to contend with them for the rest of his life. So unfair! But even with the odds stacked against him, this guy is such a love!

Albertino adores other animals and does so well socially that he helps dogs feel safe and secure in their new foster home. He welcomes them with open paws. In fact, he is so wonderful that he is even training to be a therapy dog. WOW. Is this one amazing dog or what?!

Albertino could teach us so much, from learning to stay positive in a tough situation to relying on love and faith to fix even the hardest of things. His life has been in his rescuers hands and they haven’t let him down. In turn, he gives back with his wonderful disposition and undeniably adorable (and unique!) face. Beauty comes in many forms… and Albertino Pupperino is BEAUTIFUL! Don’t you agree?

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