Airbnb an Option for Dog Owners

Instead of sending their pets away to a kennel when they go out on vacation, dog owners are turning to a new trend: Airbnb for canines. Airbnb is a community marketplace where hosts can offer up housing accommodations. According to the Boston Globe, Stephanie Dedels started hosting dogs as overnight guests to make easy money. 

However, as she continued to dog sit for more pooches, Dedels notice that it was a lot easier to care for other peoples' dogs than she'd expected. She said that the animals like to cuddle and they're affectionate. 

Hundreds of people across the country have signed up to become part-time dog professionals, and dog owners are willing to pay good money for their canines to be well taken care of while they're gone. 

Lindsay Bertrand told the Boston Globe that a lot of owners ask her if it's OK for their dog to sleep in her bed. She added that in the past, she's had a pug, mini-greyhound and a Welsh springer spaniel cuddle up with her and her boyfriend. 

The source stated that many owners prefer private accommodations because they're less expensive and more personal than dog hotels and kennels. Sometimes, dog sitters will even send texts, photos and videos of the animal to the owner so they can see the fun their furry friend is having. 

According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent $4.4 billion on services like boarding, pet sitting and grooming in 2013, showing just how much people love their pets. 

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