Dogs Air Swimming Is The Pawfect Future Olympic Event

Next Olympics, I vote they should add “Dog Air Swimming” to the events! Right? It would be paw-tastic! Seriously! Have you ever had a dog that liked to air swim? It’s hilarious! These dogs seem to have this notion that when they are near water then they should paddle. Forget being submerged. They’re all about swimming in the air! OMG, so cute!

Why is it that our pups never fail to make us smile? It’s almost like they were born to make us happy, to be the levity we need on such serious days. I was just paying some bills, feeling the strain of “adulting,” when suddenly my dog Skyler comes over and gives me that ever so cute nudge to pet her. I, of course, oblige. Who am I to deny affection to such a deserving creature?! She then proceeds to make her way to my spot on the couch and knock every single bill off the coffee table (with my checkbook too!) She just had to remind me to slow down, take a breath and be in the moment. Either that or she is trying to convince me to go paperless. Yes, I know people. Who writes checks anymore? Some habits never die. Thanks for reminding me, Skyler 🙂

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