An Elderly Dog Made Her Final Agility Run After A 10-Year Career, Then Hugs Her Human To Thank Her

During a trial in Great Falls, an elderly agility dog, named Lakota, made her final run through the course after a 10-year career. Since she is older, she didn’t do any of the jumps, but she still perfected the weaves, tunnel and teeter, with her human and best friend right beside her.

Once she is finished, her owner bends down and the dog leans in for a big hug. Part of the reason agility dogs are able to get through the courses with ease, is because they have their whole world beside them, supporting their every move. The dog looks up at her master for direction and approval while going through the course. Working together like this creates a unique bond between a dog and its handler. And it’s very obvious that Lakota and her handler have an extremely unique and special bond that can never be broken!

Watch Lakota’s final run in the video below. Warning: it may bring you to tears!

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