The Best Advent Calendars for Dogs and Cats in 2022

Are you one of those people that buy their tree and start putting up Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving? You might even put your tree up on Thanksgiving and start hanging exterior lights the following day. If so, you’re in good company, with 43-55 percent (depending on the source) queried admitting to jumping the gun and getting into the Christmas season early.

Including Pets in Christmas

Sound like you? If that’s how you roll and you’re a pet parent, then there’s also a good chance you’re of the same mindset as the 83 percent surveyed who marked “very likely” when it came to plans for getting their four-legged friends gifts this Christmas. Including pets as family members has spawned an entire industry centering on this new family dynamic. So, besides all of the usual merch, what can you do to include pets in the holidays?

puppy and advent calendar
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Advent Calendars for Dogs

A favorite among kids, whether you grew up in a religious household or not, are advent calendars. And since your pets are (likely) nondenominational, these treat/toy-providing calendars that count the days down feature festive images and cute pets rather than three wise men and a manger. Available in two styles, 12 days and 25, there are plenty of options this year. While some of them are one-and-done products made of thin cardboard, others are constructed for years of use.

One of those is the Frisco Holiday 12-Day Advent Calendar with Toys for Dogs available through Chewy. Designed to be a part of your holiday decorations, each day features a new toy to play with.

advent calendars
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DIY Advent Calendars for Pets

A lot of them are made from bright red and green felt with little pockets to slip biscuits into. Frequently shaped like oversized dog bones or Christmas trees that you hang on a door or wall, you could easily make one at home if you’re even the least bit crafty. They’ll take up far less space to store and can be used year after year.

Averaging between $10 and $35, some go for as much as $40 to $60. Make sure you pay attention to the size of dog associated with the calendar to ensure the treats/toys are appropriate for your pet. Wondershop’s Deck the Paws and Midlee’s Christmas tree are especially cute. For personalized calendars, there’s the Pet Christmas Countdown on Etsy or the Santa Paws puppy bone treat holder also on Etsy.

advent calendars
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Advent Calendars for Cats

Just because felines are finicky doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy toys or treats of their own. Wondershop also has a super cute fish-shaped advent calendar exclaiming Meowy Christmas that’s a popular best seller in-store or for home delivery. Fancy Feast has one containing small cans of cat food in a box that unfolds and creates a numbered display.

If cardboard isn’t a dealbreaker, Trader Joe’s has an adorable cat calendar featuring salmon and dried seaweed treats for $5 in-store or $16.99 on Amazon. For toys and future usage, Frisco also carries a 12-day advent calendar for cats available on Chewy that you can reuse for years to come.

advent calendars
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Etsy for Pets

Available from seller HappieHare, their 2022 cat advent calendar provides roomy pockets for stuffing with treats. The fun, brightly colored display is designed to be hung high enough that your kitties can’t get to it unless they can levitate. It’s worth noting that any of the felt Christmas tree calendars can be used for canines or felines, as they’re not species-specific in appearance.

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Eight Days of Hanukkah

If Hanukkah represents your faith, have no fear, because the ever-inclusive Frisco carries an 8 Days of Hanukkah Cardboard Advent Calendar with Toys for Dogs or Cats. The box includes toys with squeakers featuring a dreidel, menorah, and a loaf of challah.

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