Adorable Rescue Dog Learns To Love Again! Your Heart Will Melt When You Read His Story!

Our cute Dog of the Day comes to us from New Hampshire! Cody is a rescue who was scared of everything when he found a new fur-ever home. After a lot of lessons in love, he is now a happy and healthy family member!

Rescue Story

My husband and I had just lost our Brittany Spaniel mix unexpectedly due to a rare spinal stroke. We were devastated and not yet ready to adopt another dog. New England Brittany rescue contacted me with a photo of a skinny little dog and a note that said “we know you are probably not yet ready to adopt but you really should come by and meet this dog.”

Cody was a scrawny but adorable little dog who weighed just 24 pounds. I walked in to meet him and he used his dog foster brother as a ladder to step up to give me a big wet kiss. I knew then that I was a goner and we quickly adopted Cody.

Despite the affectionate greeting, Cody was terrified of pretty much everybody and everything. He would vomit in fear every time we rode in the car and in every new situation. He did not want a whole lot of interaction with us, which was a difficult adjustment. Our dog Butterscotch had lived for physical contact, so I was accustomed to exuberant greetings, frequent kisses, and driving with her head resting on my shoulder from the back seat. But we knew Cody had likely been through a lot, as he had been found as a stray and was on death row in a southern shelter.

Fast forward two years. Cody is now a healthy 35 pounds, and is a confident and loving dog. He loves to hike, chronically has his butt up in the air in a play pose, and sleeps in bed with all four paws in the air and his head on the pillow. We like to say that he went from death row to a life of entitlement with lightning speed. Cody deserves the world and we adore him.

Anita Burroughs
Glen, NH

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