#AdoptMe: I Could Be The One!

Dillon Has Been Adopted!Update!

Dillon has been adopted. This happy boy now has a forever home with a couple who run a bicycle tour company in Cambodia. They report: “Dillon’s really well. He’s just had dinner and is currently laying on the sofa. I think we’ve spoiled him!”

Congratulations, beautiful boy. Here’s hoping the other Soi Dogs find homes as wonderful as yours!

Original Story:
My name is Dillon.  I’m an eight-year-old pit bull, and yes – I’m ready to be adopted!  I’m staying at Soi Dog’s shelter in Thailand, but don’t let that stop you; it’s not as hard as you might think and they are good people who will help you.  I just need one person to love me, and I’ll be yours forever.

Most of my life was so difficult that I try not to think about it.  My owner dumped me on the side of the road here in Thailand.  Maybe he thought I was no longer useful, but I have plenty of energy and I’m not slowing down.  I wandered the streets for a long time, getting hungrier and hungrier, until a woman put me into her car and brought me to Soi Dog Foundation’s animal shelter.

DillonThe vets thought I was used as a bait dog in a fighting ring; I had scars, old wounds, and fresh dog bites all around my back.  But they say I was never a fighter; I didn’t have the scars on my face for it.  I know some people are afraid of pit bulls, but I’m not scary!  I’m just a sweet, enthusiastic dog with a whole lot of love to give.

Please consider giving me a forever home.  I promise I’ll be your best friend.

A generous donor has just offered to pay part of Dillon’s adoption costs!

To learn more about adopting Dillon, get in touch with Soi Dog. Soi Dog charges no adoption fees for international adoptions, however adoption costs must be met by the adopter. For overseas adoptions, costs start at $350 USD for the USA and Canada. The UK and EU are also easy to adopt to and costs starts from 400 euros for the EU and 700 GBP for the UK.

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Soi Dog Foundation exists to improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Thailand, and firmly believes that the only effective and humane solution to ending the needless suffering of street animals is through spaying and neutering. Soi Dog also works hard to rescue dogs that are stolen, inhumanely treated, and transported across the border for the illicit meat trade in nearby Vietnam. Soi Dog provides love, medical care, food, and shelter to dogs in need from the moment they are rescued until the day when they finally become part of a forever family.