#AdoptMe: I’m so glad she made it! Now she just needs a home…

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Boober had a pretty rough start in life.  On the streets of Thailand, at just three months old, she was pretty young to be scrounging for food and attempting to care for herself – all on her own.  Then it got worse; she was running across the street without a care when she was hit by a car.

Luckily, a kind person saw the puppy and intervened, bringing Boober to Soi Dog’s shelter.  There, the vet set her broken leg and tended to the scrapes on her belly, giving her love and care.  She still walks with a limp, but at least she’s safe and well fed.

Now comes the next stage.  Boober is one of the most affectionate, lovable dogs at Soi Dog Foundation’s shelter; her tail never stops wagging and she can’t wait to greet new people.  She’s now just over two years old and dearly loves to go for walks.  But there is one thing Boober still needs:  A forever home.

Can you give her one?

To learn more about adopting Boober, get in touch with Soi Dog. Soi Dog charges no adoption fees for international adoptions, however adoption costs must be met by the adopter. For overseas adoptions, costs start at $350 USD for the USA and Canada. The UK and EU are also easy to adopt to and costs starts from 400 euros for the EU and 700 GBP for the UK.

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Soi Dog Foundation exists to improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Thailand, and firmly believes that the only effective and humane solution to ending the needless suffering of street animals is through spaying and neutering. Soi Dog also works hard to rescue dogs that are stolen, inhumanely treated, and transported across the border for the illicit meat trade in nearby Vietnam. Soi Dog provides love, medical care, food, and shelter to dogs in need from the moment they are rescued until the day when they finally become part of a forever family.
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