Let These 7 Black Dogs Convince You That Adopting A Black Dog Is Awesome

October 1st is National Black Dog day. The holiday is intended to bring to light the stigma associated with black dogs, causing them to be the least adoptable animals in shelters. Possible reasons for this range from the negative association between the color black and darkness or evil, to the idea that they don’t photograph as well as their light-furred counterparts. In an effort to combat this bias, many shelters around the country are offering a Black Dog discount on adoption fees the day of the event.

We’ve decided to celebrate by compiling a list of reasons why black dogs make the perfect addition to your family!

1. They Make The Happiest Surprises

2. They Make Hilarious Babysitters

3. They’re REALLY Smart

4. They Respect The Seriousness of Bathtime

5. They’re Impressively Agile

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6. They’re Happy To Help Around The House

7. They Make Excellent Scapegoats

Adopt a black dog, and give one of these adorable animals their forever home!

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