Rescued Pit Bull Crawled Because It Was Too Painful To Walk

It is National Feed A Rescue Pet Week. Last year we beat our goal of feeding 3 million rescue pets. This year our goal is to provide 5 million meals to rescue pets, but we need your help!

Meet our spokes-dog for this year’s National Rescue Pet Week. Addie, a passionate cuddler, had a rough start to life when she was found crawling – not able to walk.

However, she was the sweetest and happiest dog, even with the immense pain. Eventually, she was diagnosed with Immune-mediated polyarthritis. This rare joint condition made it painful for Addie to walk on her front legs. With a little help from some amazing organizations, Addie is making great strides toward recovery.

This 4-year-old Pit Bull-Mix was rescued by Save-A-Bull Rescue in Tucson after she was found unable to walk. Addie would crawl around on her front paws and eat lying down. The rescue team instantly fell in love with Addie’s sweet personality and wet kisses.

Photo: Save-A-Bull Rescue
Photo: Save-A-Bull Rescue

Her resilience and strength touched the heart of Emily, the rescue’s director. Addie was an inspiration to others and deserved to walk without pain. The rescue reached out for help to assist Addie in walking again.

Thanks to the generous food donation to the rescue from’s Rescue Bank program, Save-A-Bull was able to use the money saved to purchase custom braces and treatment for Addie. Slowly, with the support of the new braces and therapy, Addie started to walk again! And the greatest thing about Addie? She’s adoptable RIGHT NOW! Reach out to Save-A-Bull Rescue to learn more about giving Addie her furever home.

Photos: Save-A-Bull Rescue
Photos: Save-A-Bull Rescue

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Addie is now able to move freely on all four feet. She is able to walk and run for the first time. The joy she now feels is obvious from the smile on her face. She is eagerly waiting for that someone special to come and adopt her. She is looking for a person who will continue her treatment, and enjoy life at a little slower pace with her. If you love doggie kisses, then Addie is perfect for you.

Photo: Save-A-Bull Rescue
Photo: Save-A-Bull Rescue

Help feed animals in need by donating to Rescue Bank. Just $10 ships 400 meals – donate now! For every $1 donated, you save a rescue $17 to help an animal in need. Someone like Addie.

Watch Addie’s transformation in the video below.

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