Abused Dog Cries When She Finally Has A Kind Hand Touch Her

Hearing about animal abuse isn’t uncommon, and it never fails to make the blood boil. Every image, every story, every mention makes you lose a little faith in humanity. How could someone treat an innocent animal in such a cruel and callous way? And WHY?!

Seeing the images of injured animals can tear you up inside, and it’s hard to imagine anything good happening. What’s important is to remember that even the most neglected animal still wants to be loved, and we can fix almost anything by showing them what affection and trust is like. And this is the perfect example.

In the video below, a severely abused and neglected dog is shown love for the very first time. Her cries are purely out of fear because when humans had approached her in the past, bad things happened. It’s so heart-wrenching to see the fear in her eyes and watch her cower from the hand of her new caretaker.

Just wait though; there’s more to come, and it will fill your heart with joy! We know it’s hard to watch at first, but this video becomes so uplifting once Priscilla can accept that she is now safe and loved. And she will NEVER suffer again!

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