Severely Abused Puppy Gets Justice

When we hear about somebody who abuses their dog, it makes our blood boil. When we hear about what Amber Sunde did to her dog, however, there are no words for it.

She was caught abusing her puppy in Detroit, beating it and trying to throw it in a river. Fortunately, the Utica Police Department was able to get there in time and stop it from happening.

The abuse was so bad that people saw her throwing the puppy, who had two broken legs and a skull fracture, into the Clinton River. The puppy was able to make it out of the river a number of times and go back to the woman but she would throw him into the river again according to a report.

Photo: Facebook/Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

Lux, the puppy ended up at Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue after being rescued, who shared about her case on Facebook.

Although he was very young, he had already suffered extensively due to the abuse that he was put through. He had a fractured skull, two broken legs, and many other issues as a result of being beaten severely. X-rays showed that he also had old injuries, so this wasn’t the first time he was abused.

Photo: Facebook/Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

The woman who abused the dog was arrested but there were some issues with the court proceedings, due to a plea deal that eventually was done away with.

Animal lovers would show up at the courthouse to ensure that justice was served.

Photo: Facebook/Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

On June 23, 2021, the sentence was handed down by Judge James Biernat to the dog’s former owner, Amber Sunde. According to the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, not only will she have to serve time in jail, but she also will never be able to own an animal again.

Beyond that, she’ll have to serve community service time and pay restitutions to Detroit Pit Crew for Lux’s medical bills.

Photo: Facebook/Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

This is considered to be a victory by the rescuers, who said: “Judge Beirnat stated that the defendant, Amber Sunde, did NOT qualify for mental health court, and he has sentenced her to 6 months jail (the judge went above the sentencing guidelines), 2 years probation, 60 hours community service, she is to pay restitution to Detroit Pit Crew for Lux’s medical bills and she is NOT to own any more animals.”

They went on to say that they have participated in many animal cruelty cases in the past and are very thankful for those who stood up for this puppy and all he had gone through.

Lux has now been renamed Finn is doing well. She was also adopted by the police officer that helped to save her life.

Photo: Facebook/Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

Thankfully, her legs didn’t have to be amputated and it seems she’ll live the rest of her life in safe, loving home.

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