Woman Braves The Cold To Rescue Rabbit Someone Dumped Behind Her Montana Apartment

Rabbits are the third most abandoned pet in the United States. While some are surrendered to shelters, others are simply dumped outside to fend for themselves.

However, pet rabbits don’t stand a chance in the wild because they lack the basic survival skills.

Alicia Castro encountered an abandoned bunny and spent countless hours trying to capture him.

Screenshot: TikTok/aliciacastro

The adorable black and white rabbit was spotted behind her Montana apartment. After a little research, she discovered the bunny had been dumped not once but twice.

She headed out with carrots in hand and patiently waited for him to approach and munch on the tasty treat. She talked to the frightened rabbit and attempted to earn his trust. But after spending days out in the cold and not successfully catching him, she came up with a new plan.

She purchased a large crate and filled it with vegetables. The rabbit hopped in and was finally safe.

Screenshot: TikTok/aliciacastro

Castro shared the rescue story on TikTok and the videos went viral.

As soon as he was safely inside munching on lettuce and fresh veggies, Castro called local rescues to see if anyone could take him in – but they were all full.

Instead of subjecting him to another home who possibly wouldn’t properly care for him, she decided to keep him.

Screenshot: TikTok/aliciacastro

“Turns out this was his second time being dumped, which literally broke my heart. I just couldn’t imagine giving him to someone who doesn’t absolutely adore him,” states Castro.

But the last hurdle will be to introduce him to her cat, who she says is a “bit of a princess”.

Screenshot: TikTok/aliciacastro

Her fans are commending her for rescuing and keeping the bunny.

“He knows he’s safe, that’s why he sleeps with his belly exposed. Welcome to the bunny side of life🥰,” wrote one follower.

Other rabbit parents have offered tips and advice, which Castro is grateful for. She is learning as she goes, but it is clear the two have already formed a bond.

Screenshot: TikTok/aliciacastro

While the rabbit still doesn’t have an official name, there are a few ideas being tossed around. “We’ve been calling him Bun, Carrot Boy, Banana Boy, & Bunny,” said Castro. But a fan favorite is “Moo” or “Cow” since he is black and white.

See how happy he is to finally be in a loving home in the video below and don’t forget to share!


Reply to @obxobsessedddd He’ll never have to go another day without love❤️

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