Abandoned Pit Bull Gets A New Lease On Life Thanks To A Kind Mom

Our hearts really go out to any dog that has been abandoned but at times, there are some dogs that are abandoned, neglected, and perhaps even abused.

That was the case with Daenerys, who was abandoned in an apartment that was at one time occupied by her previous owner.

Nobody is sure how long she was left in the apartment but she was only 25 pounds when they discovered her.

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo
Photo: Instagram/rescuedpittie

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Photo: Instagram/rescuedpittie

Thankfully, someone had come to change the locks and alerted a foster pet mother to her presence.

That new foster human mom to Daenerys is Tara, and she gave the pitbull more than a new home, she gave her a new lease on life.

Photo: Instagram/tarasfostersaz

Although she was in extremely poor health when she was first found, she is now back to a loving, energetic, and healthy dog. Tara even said that she never growled or was frightened in any way. She just wanted to be scratched.

Photo: Instagram/tarasfostersaz

Nobody is really sure how old Daenerys is but they think she is around seven years old. For a dog this healthy and living in such a great home, it is hopefully just a drop in the bucket when it comes to her happy life.

Since sharing Daenerys’ story, she’s found an amazing forever home with her new mama. The two are living their best lives together and don’t plan to part anytime soon.

Photo: Instagram/rescuedpittie

Her new mama kept her name as Daenerys, but she prefers to call her Miss D. You can keep up with Miss D on her Instagram page.

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