Dog Struggles To Feed Her Puppies After Being Abandoned

Many parents understand how difficult it can be to feed their children. It seems as if this is also a struggle that some dogs have, especially when they are abandoned.

The dog in this story had given birth out in a field and was trying her best to keep her puppy safe and well-fed.

There was still a struggle, however, but a woman stepped forward to call DAR Animal Rescue so help could be provided.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

Before the rescuers could get to the field, the mother dog had already hidden the puppies under a water tank.

She was trying to search for food and the woman who called said that she would go begging for food throughout the village and look in the garbage to get enough food to eat. She was trying to produce enough milk to feed the young.

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A representative for DAR Rescue, Ermioni, said in the video below that they were able to coax the puppies out from under the water cistern with food because they were hungry.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

Although they weren’t really excited about the idea of being picked up, they were left with no choice.

That is when the mother dog showed up and she was protective of her young and followed Ermioni back to the vehicle.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

The mother was not very cooperative at first because she was frightened. She was showing all of the classic signs, including having her tail between her legs.

It wouldn’t be long, however, before her life would take a turn for the better.

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