A Tale of Two Rescues

A routine trip turned into a special occasion when Soi Dog Foundation and GreaterGood.org staff met a new pair of pups while helping out Thailand’s street dog population. Seattle and Tucson, as they are now called, were abandoned at a Buddhist temple just the night before the visit.

In Thailand, where it is illegal to euthanize dogs, it remains a common practice to dump unwanted dogs at Buddhist temples and monasteries, instead depending on the charity of monks and nuns. They do what they can, of course, but the help is rudimentary and resources limited. That’s where Soi Dog Foundation steps in, bridging that gap by providing medical care and extra food for these animals.

Settled in a new foster home, one of the siblings poses for a close-up.From the Worst of Times to the Best of Times

Without their mother, Seattle and Tucson’s outcome remained uncertain. Certainly too young to fend for themselves, the four-week-old pups could barely open their eyes. Fortunately, the volunteers at Soi Dog immediately took custody of the siblings and transported them to their Mai Khao facility. Once there, staff quickly went to work nursing the duo back to health.

Seattle and Tucson now rest comfortably in their new foster home where they receive daily care and attention on the road to a full recovery. Once old enough, Soi Dog will seek out an appropriate forever home for the furry companions.

And we look forward to hearing how this particular story ends.

Want to help dogs like Seattle and Tucson move from the streets to their forever home? The Gifts That Give More program offers several easy options, ranging from assistance for dogs rescued from the meat trade to food for temple dogs, like those mentioned above.

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